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Donate your bottles

Tavisha’s Helping Hands will pick up your bottles, recycle them and donate the funds to charity!

Every Sunday & Saturday, Tavisha’s Helping Hands drives to multiple front doors, picks up bags upon bags of bottles, goes to a bottle depot, deposits the bottles and donates the funds to their monthly lifesaving charities. 

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Donate Money

When people like you donate to Tavisha’s Helping Hands, it enables us to provide you with quality campaigns, incentives and to contribute larger lifesaving donations.

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Spread the word

Tavisha's Helping Hands can only help those in need with the help of amazing donors and contributors like you.

Please feel free to share, like and follow our organizations work on social media, so others can join you in becoming changemakers with Tavisha's Helping Hands.

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Surgical Mask

Selling Masks

Each beautiful protective mask is sewn specially for all those trying to stay safe and prevent the spread of Covid-19.


The proceeds from each fashionable mask goes to save lives at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

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