In Year 2017, Tavisha started "Tavisha's Helping Hands", at the age of 11 and decided to aid those suffering from the BC wildfires. She raised $850 and donated to the Canadian Red-Cross by selling art work, making pencil holders, key chains, paper weights and magnets with recycled materials. 

Extending this helping hand strengthened the fire inside Tavisha and inspired her to begin her permanent bottle pick-up service and carry out many other temporary campaigns that involved using old products, restoring them, selling them & donating the profits.

Tavisha’s Helping Hands is an organization raising money for charity, based on a blend of three vital values: environmental improvement, helping others and charity.

Tavisha is now 14 years old , she is a competitive swimmer and through this organisation she has donated close to $5000 from the sales of Pencil holders made from food tins, paperweights, magnets made from sea rocks, self-watering plants from pet bottles and lanterns made from pop cans.


I am feeling blessed that my efforts have been duly supported by Becel Canada who have ordered me 200 masks to donate to Army of masks in Quebec.

With the help of many change-making contributors, Tavisha has been able to donate $5,000 to important charities below:


Charities Tavisha's Helping Hands Donated to


Red Cross Foundation

BC Cancer Foundation

Make - A - Wish

Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation

BC Children's Hospital Foundation

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Phone :604-724-8735

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